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Aplus DVD Creator can help you create DVD discs with ease
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Aplus DVD Creator can help you create DVD discs. It supports some popular video formats as source; yet you will soon notice that other widely used formats are excluded. Its interface is unattractive but the layout is fine. Using the program is not difficult at all. You can use the buttons on the right to add new clips, delete items from the list, clear the whole list and put the elements in the desired order. You can also preview the movies and trim the required segment. After that, you can set the output parameters. In case your computer has more than one DVD burner, you can choose what burning device to use or you can simply unmark the Record to DVD checkbox to save your DVD contents to a disk location instead. It is also possible to specify a label for your disc. A dropdown list allows you to choose a TV system from NTSC or PAL. Finally, should you desire to save the DVD file to disk, you can set an output directory.
In general terms, Aplus DVD Creator is one of the worst applications of its kind I have tested. Even if it did not freeze sometimes (which it does), it does not allow you to create DVD menus. It also lacks most of the other tools that are usually available in DVD creators, for example, it does not let you create DVD covers.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is easy to use


  • It supports only a limited range of source formats
  • It does not allow creating a DVD menu
  • It does not allow creating DVD covers
  • When tested, it frequently froze
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